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Artifical nails 

The purpose of NAIL BUILDING is to make your naturel nail stronger. By picking a shape makes it more aesthetic. Contrary tp opinion they may be short, elegant, and natural is shape. The advantage is to help stop nail biting, and help make soft, brittle nails more beautiful. 

It is a rummor that artificial nails ruin your natural nails. When done by a licensed professional it should only help make your natural nail stronger and not cause any harm to your actual nail. You dont need to to rest or take them off. Only if the nail is injured or if the client wishes. The nailplate is a dead tissue. 

Nail building is often done by gel, acrylic or the new tecnology gelacrylic witch is a mix of the two. Artificial nails last a long time because its against the various physical and chemical impacts . Of course it is not invincible, not unbreakadle, but it is stronger than your natural nail. It doesnt require special care, except to get them filled every 2 to 4 weeks to keep them looking nice, clean and fresh.

NALS FILLS : Between the cutical ant the grown down nail is where the fill takes place, after the proper and professional preparationa.

Preparation time: new set: 130 minutes

                                      fill: 100 minutes

Gel lacquer 

The gel lacquer is a lacquer that is fast lasts longer than regular polish. The gel lacquer cures in a uv light lamp. Gel lacquer is just like regular polish easy to appy to your natural nail or onto gel, acrylic, or gelacrylic nails. Gel lacquer doesnt have a scent. 

I use a gel base then put the lacquer over to make it stronger and last longer. If you like your nail shape and length on your natural nail there is no need to make them longer. On your natural nail I use a nail prep, a gel coat, then the gel lacquer color of your choice.

Gel lacquer usally always lasts longer then regular nail polish. It lasts 2 to 3 weeks even up to 4 weeks. I can say gel lacquer is for everyone from young ladies to erderly women, for anyone who likes to have there nails painted. This little pampering is for us too, is it not ladies?

Preparation time: 70 minutes 

Gel laquer on foot

In the spring and summer time we find ourselfs wearing sandals and open toe shoes that expose our toenails. Some women only wear polish around this time of year but most women now wear polish all year long on their toes even in the winter months. We can wear gel lacquer on our in the winter too, but we need to make sure we keep them nice and short so they do not get injured or bother us while they are in our shoes and boots. 

Nowadays it is very popular to use gel lacquer on our toes because it lasts longer and is thin just like regular nail polish. When the gel lacquer is done cureing in the uv lamp you can put your shoes on and be on your way without having to wait because their is no dry time. They dont chip or peel, they just grow down, because our toenails grow slower than our fingernails it takes about 5 to 6 weeks before you should get them te-done. 

They can be pastel or neon colored with or without rhinestones and any type of design. We can do any design you like! Here is the time to let your feet out and show off your toenails! Pick a color any color or colors! Gel lacquer up!

Preparation time: 50 minutes


The JAPANESE MANICURE is an ancient traditional japanese nail care method, which we use beeswax and massage it into your nails. Beeswax makes your nails stronger and shinier, it also fills in any ridges you have on your nails to give it a full even look. 

The Japanese manicure is expecially usefull for those who suffer from weak brittle peeling nails, or those who just removed the  artificial nails. The treatment calls for once a week for 4 weeks and then once every 2 to 3 weeks to help manitain the appearance. It is not recommended for you to use any kind of polish on your nails while recieving this treatment no harsh chemicals unless you are using gloves, because they will strip and degrade the beeswax out of your nails. 

Preparation time: 70 minutes 

FRENCH MANICURE besides shaping your nails, I also soak your nails in a solvent to help remove any dead skin and cuticle that has grown onto your nails. The solvent helps to make the cutical and skin soft so it is easier and painless to remove. This prosses is fast, easy, and safe to do. 2-5 minutes after the soaking time.

Preparation time: 50 minutes


Particulary during the cold winter months it is very important to protet our hands. The constant cold, wind, dry air, strong uvs, soaps, and other cleaning supplys including some cosmetics are all harmful to our skin. The best solution for this is the paraffin treatment. 

The paraffin treatment helps make the creams and other materials sink into your skin faster and easier, because the warmth of the paraffin opens up our pores and lets it seep into our skin better it helps the blood flow and rejuvenate the skin inside and out. Not only does it rejuvenate the skin because it is a deep hydration but it also softens up your nails which leaves them well-groomed and velvety. This treatment leaves dry, craked skin soft, flexible, and velvety. Paraffin treatment is usally used after any kind of manicure, gel lacquer, or artificial nails, new sets or fills. 

Preparation time: 70 minutes

My services are only for clients whos skin and nails are healthy.

If you find anything out of the ordinary please contact your doctor. 

For the sake of yourselfs and others please pay attention to your nails and skin! 

Thank you!